Slovenia: A true marine phenomenon

Slovenia has only 43 kms of coastline, but that has not been an obstacle for local marine companies to develop some of the most exciting innovations in the marine industry. Some of them come from globally renowned companies with award-winning products.

3 reasons why Slovenian companies have a reputation for being a reliable business partner

  1. Outstanding workmanship
  2. Smooth performance
  3. Unfailing accuracy

Slovenian providers of products and services for the marine industry, with their innovative and high-quality solutions, are among the world’s top, as evidenced by numerous international recognitions and awards.
That is why you have to visit the Slovenian national pavilion at this year’s METSTRADE Connect, which will be held digitally and therefore will be more accessible to a broader audience.

Slovenia at METSTRADE Connect

This year, 24 Slovenian companies from the marine industry will present their products and services at METSTRADE Connect. In each of the 7 categories, you will find solutions that push the boundaries of development in the marine industry, from inventive rescue kits to advanced marina management software.

Sneak peek: The most exciting innovations at METSTRADE Connect

You can get an exclusive preview of the Slovenian companies present at METSTRADE’s virtual event in December 2020.

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Get connected with renowned Slovenian companies

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