Slovenian award-winning innovations

The DAME Design Awards are prestigious awards for the best solutions in the field of marine industry design. They celebrate everything important about marine equipment design, from aesthetics to functionality, integration to packaging and price efficiency to lifecycle management.

With encouragement for improvement, the DAME Design Awards, in their fourth decade, continue to perform a vital function within the marine industry in stimulating design progression across all disciplines and product types. Great end-to-end design is crucial to improving manufacturing efficiency and product reliability. It also plays a developing role in environmental responsibility, plus it recognises that the marine industry must match the high customer expectations set by products in other sectors, like automotive and consumer electronics.

7 categories

Every year more than 50 companies compete in 7 different categories:

  • Marine electronics and marine-related software
  • Interior equipment, furnishings, materials and electrical fittings used in cabins
  • Marina equipment, boatyard equipment and boat construction tools and materials
  • Deck equipment, sails and rigging
  • Clothing and crew accessories
  • Lifesaving and safety equipment
  • Machinery, propulsion, mechanical and electrical systems and fittings

Slovenian companies, which received or were nominated for a DAME Design Award

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